Sales Tax: How is sales tax for SPOTIO determined & charged?

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Trey Gibson
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Beginning in 2022, SPOTIO is required to start charging sales tax for US-based customers, where applicable, in certain states.

Please note: SPOTIO does not benefit from this change but serves as a pass-through for collecting sales taxes. We remit all taxes collected directly to the applicable state department.


Why is sales tax required to be charged?

This change is being made because of a recent US Supreme Court ruling regarding how sales taxes are applied for interstate digital commerce, which includes software. The tax liability of Software/Platform-as-a-Service (SaaS/PaaS) products and services vary by state and is typically determined by revenue generated within the state. SPOTIO and all software companies are subject to these requirements.


Who is impacted by this change?

US-based customers that are not tax exempt in applicable States. This change applies to customers in a taxable state (based on where we send invoices) except those with sales tax exemption certificates authorized by the appropriate taxing authorities.


Where can I see if I am in a taxable state?

Please refer to this article for a list of the states impacted by this change. If you believe we have the incorrect billing address on file for your business, please contact


How can I see what I am being charged?

You will now see a sales tax line at the bottom of your SPOTIO invoice. 


Where can I submit my Tax Exemption Form?

If you have a valid sales tax exemption form, please send it to



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