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SPOTIO allows you to configure Custom Activities and Activity Results under the Workflow section of Settings. Activities are shared across all data objects. Custom Activities and Results allow you to track your team's interactions in the field specific to the activity they are executing. With Custom Activities and Results, sales teams are able to gain visibility into the outcomes of any scheduled sales activity including Visits, Appointments, Calls/Texts, and more!

Configuring Custom Activities and Results

Configuring custom activities and results can only be completed by an Account Admin on the web app.

To configure custom activities and results:

  1. Tap Settings in the bottom left corner.
  2. Click Workflow.
  3. Under the What activities do you want to track, click Configure.

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This will open the Activities page under Workflow. On the Activities page, you can select an Activity to edit or create new Custom Activities. Select the Activity you would like to edit by clicking the Configure icon next to the Activity Type.

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Here you can edit Result names and colors, default duration for the activity when scheduled, and Suspend unwanted activities. (Note: Visit, Email, Text, Call, and Appointment are unable to be suspended).


Default Activity Types

SPOTIO provides default activities for you to use and customize. You can customize the results of these activities. The names of default activities are not presently customizable. 

  • Visit - Visits are a special kind of activity. They can be logged without creating a calendar event for that activity and allow you to track Face-to-Face interactions from your team in the field. Visit Results are used by many teams to track door knocks and results, or any other type of face-to-face prospecting activity. 
  • Call - Call Results appear after a call from a SPOTIO Number has been completed. The user placing or receiving a call can provide a result for that communication here, as well as any notes from the call. Reps can also create and log a Call Activity manually and choose from the same list of results.
  • Text - Text Results are automatically logged after a text message has been sent or received by a SPOTIO Number. 
  • Email - Email Results are automatically logged after an email has been sent from an integrated email address. 
  • Appointment - Appointment Results can be used to disposition an appointment that has been created. They are typically used by Closers to mark what happened at an appointment to provide visibility of results to Appointment Setters, Managers, and Admins.
  • Other Default Activity Types:
    • These include: Qualify, Investigate and Estimate, Make a Proposal, and Get Feedback.
    • You can customize the results for these too, or suspend them from use.

Creating Custom Activities

If there are specific activities you need to schedule and track inside of SPOTIO that are not currently listed, you are able to add them as a custom activity. 

To add custom new Activities:

  1. Drag the Add New Activity tile into your list of Activities. 
  2. Customize the Name, default duration, and Custom Results in the Add Activity window that opens to the right. 
  3. Hit Save to complete.


The Default Duration is the amount of time that will be blocked by default on the assigned user’s calendar for the activity when it is scheduled. 

The user scheduling an activity can modify the duration of the activity when they schedule it.

Creating Activity Results

For any Activity, you will see a section for “Custom Results”. Here, you can add any Results you would like to track for the specific activity.

To Create Activity Results:

  1. Click the Configure icon on the Activity you want to customize results on.
  2. Add a Title and Color for your Activity Result.
  3. Click Add to add this Result to your list.
  4. You can drag and drop results in the Custom Results list to change the order they appear when a user completes the Activity. 
  5. Once you have all of your desired result options customized for the activity, click Save at the bottom of the screen.



Who can edit these custom activities and results?
Only Admins on the account can manage activities and results.

How do I delete an Activity Result?
You are not able to results, you can only suspend them so you don't lose historical data.

What is Time Stamped and GPS Stamped?
All activities are Time/GPS stamped.

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