Calendar Overview


One of the newest developments SPOTIO is excited about is our “Calendar”. With this feature SPOTIO allows you to create appointments directly into your Calendar. This will serve as an alternative to searching for pins on the map to add appointments. Set single or multiple appointments for both new and existing pins. View all of your appointments in one location, never worry about double booking yourself again!

                                             Adding an appointment into the Calendar 

 You can access the Calendar via the web and mobile app.

To access your Calendar from the web app simply log into your account and select the calendar icon from the left menu bar. Once you gain access to the calendar in the top right corner you will see the option to change the calendar view. You have the option of daily view, weekly view and monthly view.

Within the Calendar you will begin by selecting a date, after you’ve chose your date a “new appointment” screen will appear. Please fill in all required fields as this will prevent you from being able to complete the most important step, which is successfully saving your newly created appointment.  


After successfully saving your pin you will be able to view it from the calendar immediately.

                                                  Viewing a Reps Appointments 

 Now that you are aware of how to successfully create, assign and save a new appointment I’ll walk you through accessing other reps’ appointments.  This is beneficial in the event you need to assign an appointment to someone other than yourself.  Here you will be able to view their availability so that you can schedule all appointments accordingly, prevents the risk of double booking.

 To view other reps’ appointments, you’re going to select the “Filter” icon and select the rep you’re wanting to view. Once selected, that reps’ appointments will appear in grey while all of yours will appear in green (shown below).


Check out this video for a more detailed walkthrough: 

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