How to add the first or Multiple Appointments to a New or Existing Pin


If you're more comfortable adding your appointments from the Pin vs adding them directly into the calendar, follow these steps:

First thing first you’ll need to access your account via the web app. Once in the account, from the web view you'll select the desired pin to add one or multiple appointments to. After you've selected your pin and selected edit, you'll get a pop up screen consisting of all of your pin details. On this screen you will scroll to the bottom of the page and click "Add Appointment", add all required information into the appointment field. Lastly and most importantly SAVE your appointment before closing! If you are wanting to double check your appointment you can always refer to your Calendar just to make sure that everything has properly saved before moving on. 



Adding an appointment to a new pin is quite simple. You will follow your normal routine for dropping a new pin with the additional step of adding an appointment.

Check out the following video for a detailed walkthrough:

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