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An integration Spotio provides is one with JobNimbus. Those of you not familiar with JobNimbus, they are a CRM and Project Management software, all wrapped into one! You can read more about their services HERE.

This integration will allow you to trigger based on a specific status from Spotio to create a new Contact in JobNimbus. You will also have the ability to transfer over certain standard fields.

Getting Started:

Log into account via Web App at, continue with following steps

Once you are logged in for to Settings > Integrations > JobNimbus

Required fields to fill out:

  • API Token (Supplied byJobNimbus)
  • Spotio Status (Spotio supplied BUT it needs to match JobNimbus)
  • JobNimbus Status Name (Supplied by JobNimbus)
  • JobNimbus Contact Type Name (Supplied by JobNimbus)

Step 1: Go to Integrations and verify the information they need from job nimbus:

  • API Token/Key -  This can be found within your settings in JobNimbus, Settings>API tab on the bottom left>New API key>Select Spotio under description>Access Profile admin and Save. The key will be generated and you can now copy it into Spotio.
    • The minimum length of an API Key for us has been 143 character count
  • Status Name
    • Where? On the right you will find a drop down called Status and you will find your choices
    • The status name in SPOTIO needs to match one of the 5 statuses in JobNimbus. These are defaulted inside Job Nimbus as:
      • Lead
      • Qualifying
      • Signed Contract
      • Lost
      • Appointment Set
    • What is Status Name? If the account is set up then you will be able to find it by adding a new contact
  • Contact Type
    • Where? On the right side you will find a drop down called Contact Type
    • These are customizable you can go to Settings > Contact Workflows within JobNimbus to edit the contact type
    • The existing contact type/contact workflow HAS to be visible to ALL users inside Job Nimbus
    • What is contact type? If the account is set up then you will find it by adding a new contact

 What can you match?

  • We automatically push the address
  • Currently the 10 transferable fields from Spotio to JobNimbus are:
  1. First Name
  2. Last Name
  3. MobilePhone
  4. HomePhone
  5. WorkPhone
  6. FaxNumber
  7. Email
  8. Website
  9. City
  10. Zip

You'll be eliminating wasted time from manually entering data from Spotio into Job Nimbus.

Currently this is just a one way integration, meaning the information is shared from Spotio to JobNimbus. 

Key Things Needed To Make Sure The Integrations Works Correctly

  • Admin Emails Must Match (Spotio Owner email and JobNimbus Admin Email)
  • Must have the Correct API Token/ API Key (You can collect this information from JobNimbus)
  • All Spotio users must be added into JobNimbus with the same emails (Same rules as admin) 

We understand the need for more data, including custom fields to be pushed over. We are working diligently to have that feature available to you. If you have certain custom fields that you would like to see pushed into JobNimbus from Spotio email us at and let us know! 

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