Q. How can I schedule an appointment for someone on my team?

A. When you are in the appointments view or adding an appointment while dropping a pin you will be able to change who the appointment is assigned too. You will see ‘calendar’ as an option in the edit appointments tab. This is where you can select a user on your team to set the appointment for.

Q. Every appointment I set is for one of my team members, is it possible to have the appointments automatically go to him with out my having to change it every time?

A. Yes, when you go into the appointments tab and select the funnel icon, you will see the default calendar option. Here you can change the default calendar from your calendar to the user you regularly set appointments for.

Q. Can I edit an appointment once I have created it?

A. Yes, you can edit the title and the assigned to and the notes, however we don’t recommend that you change the date and time. If you scheduled it incorrectly, delete the appointment and recreate it instead.


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