How to add an appointment inside a pin - Android


When you are inside your Spotio android application you can add an appointment to a new or an existing pin with a few click. 

New Pin:

If it is a new pin you will go through the process that you do to drop a new pin by selecting the house/building outline on the map that you want to drop the pin at.  When the New Pin screen opens you will want to fill it out with all the pin information (name, phone number, email address) and select the appropriate status. 

You will see an appointments option in the pin, when you click it you will be asked to pick the time you want to set the appointment.  Depending upon your plan, permissions or settings under the appointment tab will depend upon the view that you are seeing.   If it is the first time that you are setting an appointment or you are on the agility or accelerate plans you will only see your calendar and any appointments, you have already scheduled.  

To see appointments of other reps or to turn on the planner view make activate those filters under the appointments tab.

Once you select a time from the list of available times, you will be asked to fill in the following information:

  • Name: This will show up on the calendar so make it something descriptive like ‘Roof Inspection’ or ‘Inspection Set’ or ‘Meet with Spouse’ or anything else that you would want to have describe the appointment
  • Location: This will automatically populate the address of the pin that you dropped
  • Start: This will be the start date & time that you selected from the calendar
  • End: This will automatically populate with an hour as the default length but you can change it to be a shorter or longer length of time by tapping on it and changing the end time
  • Calendar: This is where you will be able to change who the appointment is assigned to. It will automatically assign itself to the default calendar you set (you as the logged in users is the general default unless you have changed it under the appointments tab).
  • Notes: Here you can enter in any information that is tied the appointment that you want the person going to the appointment to have access too

Existing Pin

If you are adding an appointment to an existing pin you will just tap on the pin, and hit the pencil icon to edit the pin.  Once you are in the edit pin screen you will be able to select appointment and go through the above.

Adding a Second Appointment (Multiple Appointments)

If you are adding a second appointment to an existing pin you can just pull up the pin details page (without having to edit the pin) and click “Add Another Appointment” and then go through the steps above to set the second appointment.

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