Planner View (WEB)

The Planner View on the web app is designed to show you at a glance the number of openings that you have at any given time.  To access the planner view you will want to select the calendar from the menu on the left menu within the web app. Once there you will select “Filters” and toggle on the planner view. Also while in the “Filters” you can select reps to add and view to within your planner view.

When the planner view is activated, you can hit “AVAILABLE” to add an appointment.  Now with the planner view you will see a duration option at the top of the page where you can choose between 15, 30, 1 hour or 2 hours.  This will change the length of time for your appointments. When you select the date, now you will see the hours of the day and the number of available reps that are available at that time.  You will just select the time you are wanting to schedule an appointment and then proceed through the next steps:

  • Pin Name:This is where you will pick the pin that you want to set the appointment for.
    • You can scroll through the list of the pins to find the one you want 
    • You can search for the pin you are looking for with the house number or street name to find the pin
    • You can add in a new pin – if the appointment that you are setting is for a new address you can select “New Pin” at the top of the list to go through the process of manually entering in the pin details
  • Name:This will show up on the calendar so make it something descriptive like ‘Roof Inspection’ or ‘Inspection Set’ or ‘Meet with Spouse’ or anything else that you would want to have describe the appointment
  • Location: This will automatically populate the address of the pin that you dropped
  • Start:This will be the start date & time that you selected from the calendar
  • End:This will automatically populate with an hour as the default length but you can change it to be a shorter or longer length of time by tapping on it and changing the end time
  • Calendar:This is where you will be able to change who the appointment is assigned to. It will automatically assign itself to the default calendar you set (you as the logged in users is the general default unless you have changed it under the appointments tab).
  • Notes:Here you can enter in any information that is tied the appointment that you want the person going to the appointment to have access too
  • When you have filled in the information, hit DONE to save the appointment and you will be taken back to the appointments page where you will now find the appointment added to the list and what was once showing as “AVAILABLE” will show as “BUSY”
    • If you aren’t seeing it please double check that you are able to see the calendar for whoever you assigned it to

Check out our walkthrough of the planner view and setting an appointment with the planner view on below:

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