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Lead Machine is only available to companies enrolled in our Team, Sprint or Business plan and the lead data is only available to those companies in the United States, if you are outside the USA or not on Team or Business plan this forum won’t be beneficial to you.

Benefits(or bennies as I like to call them) of Lead machine:

  • Access data on homes you are prospecting, have the lead’s profile before meeting them
    • Data such as the age, income, credit capacity, etc. available at your fingertips
  • Save hours on knocking homes that don’t meet your qualifications
    • If you have already pre-qualified your area of prospects it saves you the time of knocking doors that you would typically disqualify.

Leads credits can ONLY be purchased by the account ADMIN however once the credits have been brought, anyone on the team can access the lead machine and get leads using the already purchased credits. Click here to find out how!

Using Lead Machine:

  • Team, Sprint & Business users will login into the Spotio via web
    • Once logged in you will select the territory icon at the top of the screen, once logged in you will prompted by a pop a screen asking you to “draw” a territory.
    • At this point you will select “get started” and draw out a territory in the area you wish to get leads.
    • After your territory has been drawn out you will get a calculated amount of leads
      • Please note the first calculated number consists of all the prospects in that particular area BEFORE you apply your qualifying criteria.
    • You will select “new criteria”, here you will have the ability to choose what information is important to have when qualifying a prospect. Select all that apply. As you select criteria your original calculated number will decrease greatly.
    • Once you have narrowed down all the leads in the area that meet your criteria you can select “get these leads”
      • After selecting to get the leads a new window will appear asking you to assign the leads to a user and a status. You will also have the option to make that drawn out area into a territory within your Spotio.
    • Select “Finish” and you will have finished getting your leads, success!


**Please note that you the area of selected, filtered leads that you are wanting to get can not exceed the amount of lead credits you have already purchased. If the amount exceeds you will be prompted  to “Buy More Leads”. Remember that the purchase of credits can only be done by the admin of the account.

Once you have successfully completed the entire process of getting your leads they will show on both the web and mobile app the same way as an imported pin would show with all the data provided.  

How to Access Lead Machine:


How to Purchase Lead Machine Credits:


How to Purchase Lead with Lead Machine Using Your Search Criteria:


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