Understanding Lead Machine Criteria Choices


When using SPOTIO's Lead Machine to purchase leads you have the ability to drill down the leads you wish to purchase based off specific criteria that will make these leads more valuable to you and your team.  Here is a break down of the different criteria that you can filter by:

Resident Age:  These are the different age ranges that you can choose from.  This will filter down the leads to only match the age ranges you select.

Email Present:  If you require email addresses to be present in the leads you are going to purchase then you can use this check box to insure there is an email address

Median Home Income:  This is an estimated income range for all the people of in the home.

Credit Capacity: This is the estimated credit that the homeowner will be eligible for so if your project requires the homeowner to need to qualify a higher credit line you would want them to be eligible for more credit capacity.

Home Owner: Renter: here you can select if you are only wanting to purchase leads of home owners or renters

Home Recent Buyer:  Do you want the leads to only include people who have recently purchased their homes

Home Purchase Date: If you want to see people who have purchased their home within a date range you choose you can input the range you are looking for.  You will need to put the range in the following format YYYYMM or 201701 for January 2017.

Home Dwelling Type:  Determine if you want to purchase leads that are only inside single family dwellings or if you are looking for multi family dwellings

Home Market Value:  This is an estimated value of the market value of their home

Home Square Feet:  Select the range of square footage that you are looking for.  Are you targeting larger homes or smaller homes you can select your ideal home size.

Green Living:  allows you to better identify potential customers based off their level of green activity.

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