Installing an APK version of SPOTIO - Android


Normally you would download SPOTIO from the Google Play store and it would be a normal install process, however every occasionally, we may send you an APK of SPOTIO for you to install.  An APK is a fancy way of saying it is the actual SPOTIO application file and in these cases, it is the unreleased version so it isn't in the Google Play Store yet.

To install the APK, there are a few additional steps that you will need to take to get the new version installed on your device:

  1. You will need to uninstall the current version of SPOTIO you have on your device:
    1. To uninstall you will go into the main settings for your android device and click apps. Once inside the list of apps scroll down and find SPOTIO and select it.  Here you will find an uninstall icon.  Select this to complete the uninstall option
  2. Once you have uninstalled Spotio you will need to authorize unknown sources to install on your device
    1. Go back to the main settings for the android device
    2. Select Security
    3. From Security, we will go in and toggle on the option for “Unknown Sources”
      1. Once you toggle this on you will get a pop up to confirm you know that this is riskier, select ok
  3. After you have completed the first two steps you can now go back to your email and download the APK in the email. It will automatically install and from here you can find it in your application list and start using SPOTIO again

Once you have finished installing the APK if you want to go back and turn off the ability to authorize ‘unknown sources’ on your phone you can go back and turn the toggle switch off.

Want to see us walk through the steps above, check out our video below:

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