Release Notes - May 9th, 2017


We had a new release today on both our web app and the mobile applications.  There are 5 key things that you should be aware of with the new releases:

  1. Territory Metrics on the Dashboard (Check out the Dashboard tutorial here)
    • You can see the break down off your attempts, contacts, qualified, leads and sales per territory you have in the account
  2. Team Metrics on the Dashboard (Check out the Dashboard tutorial here)
    • Now you will be able to see the performance of each team as well as being able to drill down to see the performance of the individual users
  3. Hierarchy Changes (Check out how to change the name here)
    • You can now go in and change your team name.
    • Before the team name defaulted to the managers first name last name then we just added team at the end – Bob Smith Team
    • Now you can change this and make it Canvassing Team
  4. Map/List View Changes on Filter Panel on the Web (Check out how to see the new teams on the filter panel here)
    • You can now filter/drill down by your team and/or user(s)
  5. Location Verification added to the Mobile History
    • Down on the bottom of the PIN Details of the mobile apps, where you can see the status histories you will now see if the pin was verified yes or no
    • It also lets you see where the rep was when the pin was dropped
    • The location verification that was on the web app has now been rolled out to the web app



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