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Leilani Sales
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So you’re expanding, that’s always a wonderful thing! To make your Spotio experience more efficient we introduce our latest feature “SMS invitation”. Yep, you read it right! Your reps will now receive, in addition to the email invite, an sms(text message) invite as well.


How does it work?

You will follow the steps you normally take to add a new user from either web or mobile. While entering the reps details please make sure that you add in the reps mobile phone number, as this will be the only way they can receive sms notifications. Once you have all rep details entered and have selected “confirm & invite user” both an email and sms invite will be sent to your rep. They will click the link attached to the sms and be redirected to our web page where they will create a password to gain access to the account. Since they will be logged into the mobile browser vs the mobile app they can simply close out the browser, open up the app and log into the mobile app using the registered email as their username and the password will be the one they created using the link sent via sms.


What are the Benefits?

We understand that with new users our invite emails are sometimes redirected to Spam/Junk/Promotions due to it being their first time receiving anything from us and we want to prevent any delay in your reps getting started.


*Message and data rates may occur depending on your carrier*

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