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Hey, life happens! We are all about making it easier for you :)

About SMS Password Notification:

Our newest release is SMS notifications and amongst those wonderful notifications is our “Forgot Password” sms. No worries if you’re old school and prefer a good standard email for your reset, you will still get that as well. This feature isn’t a replacement for the email alerts it just gives you an alternate way to reset your password. You will now get a text and an email! Cool right?

 How does it work?

You will follow the normal process of resetting your password.

 From the login page either via web or mobile select “Forgot Password” and enter in your email address that is associated with your account. Once the email address has been entered a message will show informing you that the password reset link has been sent. **Please note that if you have multiple accounts associated with your email address you will prompted to select the Company ID related to the account you wish to reset your password for.**

NOW, with the newest update you will also receive a text message to the phone number registered under your account with the same reset instructions that were emailed to you. It is important to have a mobile phone number registered if you wish to receive SMS notifications.


Prevents you from missing your reset link because it went to your spam or junk folder. Maybe, just maybe you no longer have access to the registered email address and don’t have the time or needed access to update the email address on file. Like I said we’re all about making life easier for you.

*Message and data rates may occur depending on your carrier*

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