I’ve hired a new canvasser/rep… now what?

We love to hear that a team is growing and expanding. That kind of growth usually means you are going to be adding in new users to SPOTIO and we know you want to get those team members trained quickly so they are up and running with SPOTIO.

You need a smooth onboarding so they know how to use the app and why SPOTIO is beneficial--and you need to do all the training while you’re still running your business.

That's where today’s pro-tip steps in...  

Let us help you with a couple of quick and easy ways to help you get your new team members up and running as fast as possible. We’ve created a basic reference guide for you to use to make sure your new team members know all about SPOTIO.

Why you should high-five your boss for getting you SPOTIO.. the canvasser should be ecstatic to use SPOTIO:

If you have been added to a company account this means that your company is investing in your success by giving you access to SPOTIO and this real-time information.  

Helping you be more and more productive when you are out in the field by allowing you to have access to instant details can be the key to driving your success.

SPOTIO is beneficial to you!  This app is designed to help you easily keep track of where you have been and who you talked to!  

Gone are the days of keeping track of paper with your notes and trying to remember who you spoke with and when.  

The real-time data that is captured inside SPOTIO allows for:

  • Setting goal based activity and being able to track your progress in real time to make sure you’re on pace to hit your goals!
  • Coaching based on the KPI’s
  • Tracking for information on:
    • Not enough activities to contacts? - what time are you going out
    • Contacts to Qualified ratio low? - check the territory
    • Qualified PINS not converting to Leads - how’s your pitch?
    • Leads to Sales - let’s you look at your presentation or are you following up post pitch

All these areas can be addressed with the data captured inside SPOTIO.  We can help you identify the best time of day and best day of the week to be canvassing, and identify when your conversion percentage between different levels isn’t what you’re expecting.  Real time information is your friend in giving you data to base decision off rather than making gut based changes.

How to use SPOTIO:

OK, so enough about the “why” let's talk about what you need to know about “how” to use SPOTIO effectively.  

For the most part, new reps will be focused on working inside the mobile applications however there are some features like reports that may be helpful that are only available on the web application.

You will want to know how to utilize:

Mobile Application:

  • Map View: Is how they can see their PINs on a Map view and they should know how to add PINs by tapping and manually, re-knock pins and how to view the PIN history of each PIN.  Also, making sure they know how to change the map view and zoom in and out and find their location.
  • List View: Is where they can see the PINs listed out in a list. They can open the PIN details by double clicking on the information. This is where they also can search for a PIN on the mobile app.
  • Filtering (Funnel Icon): Is where we give them the ability to drill down what they see when they are looking at the Map or List view.  They can filter down by users, statuses and dates.  If there are filters applied then the icon is an orange color and PINs may not be showing if they don’t match their filters.
  • Territory Management for Sprint or Business Plans only: If your business uses Territories you will want to make sure you educate the rep on how to access or search for the territory they are assigned to.
  • Leaderboard: This is a friendly competition builder that show you how each rep is performing in comparison to each other. It is based off the 5 KPI groups (attempts, contacts, qualified, lead and sales) that are tied to the Statues.
  • Appointments:  This is the mobile section where they will see any current or future scheduled appointments.  Please keep in mind - now historical appointments are only visible inside the specific PIN or on the Calendar on the web app.

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