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We've heard you ask for them so we've been busy building them out for you and we're excited to announce that we're rolling out a variety of notifications:


  • PIN Created outside of Territory (Manager & Admin) - will alert a manager if the canvasser just created a PIN outside of their assigned territory
  • When a PIN is not Verified (Managers & Admins) - if the PINs being created aren’t being verified
  • Users added New PINs in too short of time (Managers & Admins) - you can see the number of PINs in x number of minutes.  This is something you get to customize per account.
  • Appointment  (all users)- When an appointment is assigned to you
  • New Pin Assigned to You (all users) - When a new PIN is assigned to you
  • These notifications will be able to be received on both the web and the mobile application and they are something you will need to turn on in order to receive them.Screen_Shot_2017-08-30_at_9.55.10_AM.png

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