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Jalessa Hudson
Jalessa Hudson
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For users on our Sprint or Business plans we have an internal chat that has been rolled out for a while on the mobile app but we have had lots of requests to connect it to the web app for those of you who are based in the home office and use SPOTIO from the computer web app.  

We are excited to announce that we have rolled out Chat Your Team on the Web App!  Now if you are using the web app you will still be able to chat with your team without leaving the SPOTIO application.

If you have ever used Facebook messenger our new web chat will look and feel very familiar. When you log into the web app now you will see a chat bar in the bottom right corner of the screen. If you click into this chat bar you will see your individual users or any group chats you have already started.Screen_Shot_2017-08-30_at_9.57.29_AM.png

Now you can message with your team one off or create group messages to send out a message to multiple team members at one time. This will send them a chat to either their mobile app or their web app.  


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