Do you know where your team is?

With one of SPOTIO’s latest releases, we are excited to announce the release of a long-awaited feature - Find Your Team!  This will allow you to quickly locate where your team is when they are actively using the SPOTIO app.

There are a few key things to remember about our Find the Team feature:

  1. It is only available to the accounts who are enrolled on our business or grandfathered Sprint plan.
  2. In order to see see the location, you have to have granted SPOTIO your location services.
  3. There is a new Find My Team section inside the settings where the hours and days of your team’s work times are set. You will need to have it activated.

So how does it work?  

On both the web app and the mobile app, if you have updated to the latest version you should see a new icon that looks like 3 people standing next to each other.Screen_Shot_2017-09-15_at_5.10.23_PM.png

When you click on this icon and activate it (it will go orangeScreen_Shot_2017-09-15_at_5.10.29_PM.png) SPOTIO will start locating the different team members that you have the ability to see.

You will start to see large pin-like bubbles with initials inside.  This is SPOTIO showing you where each of your reps phones are pinging from their location. Remember, you will have to grant SPOTIO access to your location services and be looking inside of the days/hours you’ve set for your team in order for SPOTIO to be able to locate everyone.


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