How Top Performing Sales Reps Use SPOTIO & You Should Too



As a sales rep just added to your company’s SPOTIO account
you’re probably thinking one of two things…

    1)    “I can’t believe I’m fortunate enough to work for a company that invests in my success and provides me the tools I need to DOMINATE!  It’s like an early birthday!!!”


    2)    “Great…  Another software that will slow me down when I’m just trying to do my job and make some sales!”

The fact of the matter is…as you will soon see, SPOTIO was made with YOU in mind, the sales rep out there trying to rise and grind, make it happen and close deals.

Trust me. I have been in your shoes and seen first-hand how big a difference technology like this can make.

Take a few minutes, read through the follow material and you too will be well on your way.


To Get the Results You Want You Must Use it RIGHT & to its FULLEST CAPABILITIES

Keep reading to see HOW

Disclaimer: the information contained here is general and meant to apply to most use cases.  With the tens of thousands of people using SPOTIO there are many interpretations on how to best use it.  This guide is meant to be best practices for how to use our app as a sales person.

How to Use This Guide: Browse through each section and watch the videos at the end.  in total the videos that are linked at the end of each section will take only a few minutes to watch.

First and Foremost – we’re here to help you.  If you have questions or want to chat with us HERE’S HOW.


How Top Performing Sales Reps Use SPOTIO & You Should Too

#1 – Log Every Knock, Every Interaction, Every Time

How can you know where you’re going if you don’t know where you’ve been.  Even a prodigy with photographic memory has to write things down.

Good news is that SPOTIO makes this very easy.   The one thing that always, without question, comes up from other reps, is how quickly they can enter and track their activities.

You can literally record a lead in just a couple seconds.

No more stopping to write or carrying around a clipboard or binder, simply click and go. It can all be done while you’re walking from one door to the next.

Sales reps hate taking notes, it’s a stigma that follows us around; however, the top reps know it’s absolutely necessary to achieve success.  After all, how can you properly follow up if you don’t know what’s happened. SPOTIO makes it easier than ever.

The top sales reps take full advantage of these types of features to maximize their time, and their results.

Must Know “Tracking” Features:

How to Add Pins in under 2 Seconds             

 How to Take Notes as you walk using “talk-to-text”

How to Click to Call, Text, Email & Directions        

“Door knocking will never be the same again. A must-have for every d2d sales person” – James F.


#2 - Get & Stay Organized

One of the most common struggles for sales reps is understanding where each prospect is within the sales cycle.

Lost and forgotten opportunities hit you directly in the wallet and it’s no more common in field sales because most don’t have a way to get organized.

Look at referrals for example. Referrals are your highest converting leads, yet most sales reps forget to ask for them in addition to not working them properly.

SPOTIO is your sales funnel.

And as any funnel you have to put leads in the top and push them out the bottom and this takes organization to know where each lead is at in your sales process.

Within each door you knock and pin you drop, you’re able to see a complete status history for that lead.

The app will show you how many times you’ve knocked the door, the day and time, and all of the notes you’ve entered.

What happens to every salesperson at the end of the month? They scramble to get one or two more sales to either hit quota or make extra money. This could easily be three or four.

Because SPOTIO is your sales funnel, you don’t have to jump into panic mode when this time arrives.

A few seconds is all it takes to click a couple buttons and have a map or list of only your hottest leads that actually have a chance of closing now.

All the information, when you need it, right at your fingertips.

Must Know “Get Organized” Features:

How to Add an Appointment

Using the Filter to Find Your Leads

List view to sort, find a pin and see it on the map

Uploading Documents & Images

“I made $100,000 in just 4 months due to the organization of my funnel.  Honestly, I don’t think there’s any comparison to what I would have done without it.” - Mike

#3 - Improve Your Follow-Up Strategy

Check out this fact -

44% of sales reps give up after one follow-up attempt, and the average salesperson only makes 2 attempts to reach a prospect.

What’s utterly mind-blowing about this is that 80% of sales require 5 follow-ups after the meeting [ HubSpot ].

Each time you go knock doors, you’re only going to have about a 30% contact rate. Meaning for every 10 doors you knock, 3 will answer.

People either aren’t home, are on their “way out the door,” are too busy with other things or simply don’t want to talk to you.

You’re severely limiting yourself by only making one or two attempts at the most and leaving a ton of opportunity on the table by doing so.

Our data shows you have to make at least 4 attempts through each neighborhood you work.

This will help you to reach a 75% market penetration rate (contact rate).

It’s much easier to get a new customer in an area where you have existing customers because you have a referral or reference.  At the very least can “Name Drop” to build rapport.

Must Know “Follow Up Strategy” Features:

Re-Knocking a Door

Next Level Follow Up

#4 - Set, Measure & Achieve Sales Goals

What this really means is that sales reps love SPOTIO because they’re having more success.  If something you use makes you more productive then you’ll probably love it too!

You can set goals all day long, but if you don’t have an action plan in place that can be measured, you won’t have success.

Accountability produces results, and goals are one of the greatest methods for holding yourself, or someone else, accountable.

Once you’ve set your goals, you have to be able to track and measure your progress. This is where SPOTIO comes in.

The best sales reps understand what the metrics are telling them.  They “know the numbers” of their sales funnel to understand what they put in the top will result in what comes out the bottom.

Try setting goals on activities you can control like door knocks and follow ups.  If you perform enough activities you can control then you’ll get the end results you are looking for.

Focus on the process to achieve the end result because if you stick to the plan and measure your progress, the results will be at the end of the road waiting for you.

Must Know “Achieve Your Goals” Feature:

Measuring Your Daily Activities

“I got sales totaling over $20,000 from leads that I had pretty much forgotten about.  Luckily I had set a reminder in SPOTIO.” – Erik S.


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Thanks for your time and hopefully you will be well on your way to marketplace domination!  Remember, if we can help in any way CONTACT US and we’ll be waiting.

Good luck out there!

Trey Gibson

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