How to Move Pins

Jalessa Hudson
Jalessa Hudson
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Did your pin land in the wrong spot? No worries!! We got your back. Moving your pin and all the data is attached to it is easy as 1,2,3...

First things first, you will want to be logged into your web app( Select the "map view" once in the map view you will see the "move pin" option in the top right corner under your name. You will want to select this, once selected it will highlight orange(pictured below). When it's highlighted orange you have the ability to move pins from one location to the next, once you have it on the location that you wanted to move it to you will select "save" if you are unsure if you have placed it on the correct location and need to place it back to where it originally was you will select "reset", this will reverse your last action and place your pin back to where it was prior to moving it.  EASY right? 



For a visual please see video: 

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