Find My Team - Android


Find Your Team!!! This will allow you to quickly locate where your team is when they are actively using the SPOTIO app.


To be able to use our Find My Team feature:

  • Your team must be on our Business or grandfathered Sprint Plans
  • You need to grant SPOTIO access to your location (If you have not in your Device settings you can go to APPs>Spotio>Permissions> and allow spotio access)3
  • Within your app settings you will find the new "Find My Team" section where the hours and days of yours teams works times are set, and of course have it activated.

How to use Find My Team :

  1. You will see a icon on the right side of your Droid device that looks like this find_my_team_black_.png
  2. Tap on that icon and it will turn orange and look like find_my_team_orange_.pngand it will start locating your team that you have permissions to see
  3. You'll see large pins with your team members initials inside.
  4. Click on that users initials and view details about that user such as title, leaderboard information and the time that loction was pulled. 




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