How to upgrade your SPOTIO account


If you started out as a free mobile only user or started out on a lower tier plan such as Individual or Team and want to upgrade your account, we can assist you with that! 

Single users who are upgrading from our free mobile only version and want to utilize our Individual premium subscription can upgrade themselves, directly through the web app. 

Steps to Upgrade from Mobile to Individual:

  1. Access the web app( and login using your username and password that you use to utilize your mobile app. 
  2. Once you have successfully logged in you will prompted to select a premium plan. Select "Individual" plan and complete the upgrading process by entering in a credit/debit card number. 
  3. Whhhhhaaa-la! You are officially a premium subscription customer. 


Are you already an Individual user and want to upgrade to Team/Business?

No worries, we got you covered too! Schedule a demo with us or reach out to support and see if you qualify. Click here to reach support.

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