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Leilani Sales
Leilani Sales
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Thanks for being willing to give SPOTIO a review on G2!  We understand that the process is a bit long so we wanted to spell out each step for you so you know to go about completing the review.

One thing to remember is that you do need to have a LinkedIn profile to produce a G2 Review:

Step 1: Go to

When you are on the G2 review page, you will want to click on ‘Write a Review’


Step 2: Sign with your linked in profile

Once you are connected with your LinkedIn profile, please click ‘Allow’ to move forward.



Step 3: Start moving through the review steps

The first page is the required questions


Along the top, you will find 3 additional tabs for ‘additional questions’, ‘sales performance management features’ and ‘features’





Step 4:

At the bottom, you will find an option to post the review as ‘unattributed or anonymous – if that’s the case just hit the checkbox.  There is also a checkbox to confirm that you are genuinely putting in this review and if an incentive was offered it didn’t influence the content, check the box to proceed.

Once you have finished answering all the questions, hit submit


Step 5:

Take a screenshot of the popup saying your review has been submitted and send that to us!

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