How to inactivate a user from iOS


We understand that there are turn over that happens even on the best teams. SPOTIO tries to make it very easy for you to immediately inactivate a user in the event that you have a user leave or have to let go of a team member.

When you are logged our mobile app you can go into your settings panel on the left side and select "Manage Users".

  1. Select the user that you are wanting to inactivate
  2. When the Edit user screen populates you will scroll to the bottom of the screen and change the status from "active" to "inactive". 
  3. The deactivation wizard pop up will now appear on your screen confirming that you want to move forward with inactivating your user. Please note immediately upon completing these steps the user will be inactive and if they are currently logged into SPOTIO they will be booted out of the app.  
  4. After confirming you want to inactivate the user then it will ask you what you want to do with the PIN’s that are assigned to that user. You have 2 options – 1. Leave the pins assigned to the current user or 2. Go ahead and transfer the PINs to a different user using the reassignment wizard.

Once you have completed those 4 steps, that user is now deactivated and you won't be billed for them moving forward. If you inactivate a user during the middle of a billing cycle and add in a new user during that same cycle, the new user will take the place of the inactivate user as far as billing goes. 

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