My Reports - Records Category: Streamlining Account Management and Boosting Sales Performance

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In this article, we will explore the latest enhancement to My Reports: the Records tile. This tool empowers sales representatives to report on a new category type called "Records." By leveraging this functionality, users can now extract specific Activity and Stage metrics for individual records within their accounts. This enhancement offers significant benefits by enabling better record management, increasing activity levels, and providing valuable insights into user productivity. Let's dive deeper into what the Records tile does, the value it provides, and how to create reports using this innovative feature.


What is the Records Tile?




The Records tile within My Reports introduces a new category type that allows users to generate reports based on specific records in their SPOTIO account. Unlike traditional reporting methods, which focus on ownership or activity performers, the Records tile shifts the spotlight onto the records themselves. This means that sales representatives can now access targeted metrics and insights for particular records, enhancing their ability to manage accounts more effectively.


Key Benefits:

1. Enhanced Record Management: With the Records tile, sales reps gain the ability to report on specific metrics for selected records within their account. This granular level of reporting enables better record prioritization and management, empowering reps to allocate their time and efforts more efficiently.

2. Increased Activity Levels: By providing users with metrics that highlight the records requiring attention, the Records tile facilitates a proactive approach to sales activities. Representatives can easily identify and focus on the records that need immediate action, ensuring that valuable opportunities are not overlooked or neglected.

3. Comprehensive Work History: The Records tile offers a consolidated view of a user's work history by providing reports that display the records they have worked on and the associated activities. This feature enables sales reps to track their progress, evaluate their engagement with specific accounts, and identify areas where additional effort may be required.


Creating Reports Using the Records Tile (Web):

To create reports using the Records tile in My Reports, follow these simple steps:

1. Access My Reports under Dashboard > Filters and Click on "New Report" or select an existing report to modify.




2. Choose the Record Type you would like to report on in the Record Type dropdown at the top of the report builder.




3. In the report configuration panel, locate the "Category" field, then click and drag the "Records" category type into the report builder.




4. Next, choose the specific records you wish to include in the report. You can manually select the desired records, or if no records are selected all records of the selected type will be displayed.



5. Customize the report by selecting the metrics you want to include. Choose from a wide range of Activity and Stage metrics to gain valuable insights into your selected records. (For more information on customizing Metrics and Stages, check out our full MyReports article here.)




6. Save your report and give it a descriptive name that reflects its purpose and scope.



The introduction of the Records tile in My Reports revolutionizes the way sales representatives manage their accounts, providing a wealth of benefits for those following an Account Management workflow. This powerful enhancement enables comprehensive reporting on specific records, facilitating improved record management, heightened activity levels, and valuable insights into work history. By leveraging the Records tile, sales reps can optimize their account management strategies, prioritize high-value records, and propel their sales success.

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