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Join us weekly for our SPOTIO U Live Training Sessions! We offer three sessions each week that focus on your specific role. Whether you are brand new to SPOTIO, new to a team using SPOTIO, or just looking for a refresher - these training sessions will give you the information you need to achieve more! Register today using the links below.

Admin 101 Registration

Manager 101 Registration

 Rep 101 Registration

Every Monday


Every Wednesday


Every Friday


Hit the Ground Running: If you are a new customer getting started with SPOTIO, we absolutely recommend taking advantage of all three sessions to get your team onboard and up to speed. Each training is curated for the specific role(s) and will focus on content unique to that role’s responsibilities. Here’s what you need to do to invite your team:

  1. Determine the desired date(s) you want your team to attend training. 
  2. Send the team the link that corresponds with their role that they need to register as well as  the date you want them to select.
  3. Request that each team member use the link to register for the selected training session and reserve that time on their calendar.

A Note to Our Road Warriors: We highly suggest taking this training when you are able to concentrate and follow along, so be sure to block off some time and be somewhere you’re able to comfortably (and safely) focus on your phone - even better on a laptop screen!

Here’s a breakdown of what each session will cover:

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