Setting Up and Uploading E-Contracts

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Brandy Billiot
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With SPOTIO's E-Contract feature, handling documents that require signatures electronically has never been easier. This tool is designed to streamline your process and save time, whether you are uploading a single signer document, a 2 signer, or a 5 signer document.

E-Contract Settings

Admins are able to setup, upload, and modify E-Contracts on the web app.

To get started:

  1. Login to the SPOTIO web app.
  2. Click on Settings.
  3. In General, select Sales Process.
  4. Toggle on E-Contracts.
  5. Hit Save


Toggling on E-Contracts will reveal a box beneath allowing you to input an email address that you want to have CC’d for your signed completed contracts. 

You also have toggles that can be switched to copy customers for embedded contracts and/ or copy the SPOTIO contract owner for embedded contracts. This will allow them to receive a copy of the contract. 

Uploading an E-Contract

To add an E-Contract:

  1. In the Settings gear, navigate to E-Contracts.
  2. Choose from Client Signature or Client & My Company Signature
  3. Add the number of signers needed *up to 5 signers*
  4. Map fields for signers Email, First Name, Last Name 
  5. Drag and drop or click to upload the document

Just Client Signature is a contract that only the client will sign. 

Client & My Company Signature will be for the client and your business to both sign. 

*If you are on Flexible Objects, meaning you have more than one object that you track in SPOTIO, you will want to choose the record type from the drop-down menu. This will be the object that will be using the uploaded E-contract. 

Once uploading the document, you will be taken to the E-Contract creation tool. 


Under Fields on the left, you will want to choose from the dropdown menu beneath Signer to start. Depending on whether you have chosen a single signer or client and company, you will see some or all of the following options:

  • Me (now) - allows you to add fields that will stay inside of the template every time it is generated. You can insert last-minute text and manually add information that will stay.
  • Sender - Any information that you want to be sent into your E-Contract from SPOTIO. It will auto-populate details from your record, such as customer name and address (if available) when you send the document. 
  • Customer - Filled out by the customer on their end. If you have more than one customer signature it will show as Customer 1,2,3,4 or 5 
  • Company - Filled out by a rep or someone at the company.

You will want to drag the fields on the left toolbar into the document. *It is important to note that when selecting Sender as the Signer, only the textbox field under Standard Fields will be available to select.


On the right side of the document, a window will appear allowing you to assign the field to the sender, customer, or company. You also have the option to delete the field by clicking on the trash can icon. 

When assigning to the Sender in the Textbox, you can add a placeholder text field. There is a section to format the text font and font size. Lastly, there is a dropdown menu under the What text goes here? section 

When assigning to the Customer in the Textbox window, you have the option to make the field required. You can mask typed text by checking the box and selecting a placeholder text field. This will put an asterisk next to the available field. You can also validate the field data. Finally, you are able to create a rule under the Conditional logic section. This allows you to set up an e-contract template which will only display certain fields when others are either checked or filled out. This is helpful when there are particular fields that need to appear when needed, saving the rep time. 

Screen Shot 2023-11-17 at 9.27.39 AM.png

When assigning to the Customer, you can also make the fields required by checking the box under Required. You have the option to adjust the font and font size under Formatting. And can also label the Field Name.

When you have completed the contract, hit the Save Template button at the bottom right hand corner. 

Tip: Pull in custom field data to personalize your document even more. 

Along the top of the Contract creation tool, you can view Documents to choose from. There are also icons to undo and redo, copy, paste, and keyboard shortcuts. 

Screen Shot 2023-11-17 at 9.29.48 AM.png


Previously uploaded templates will appear under the Templates section. Clicking on a template will open a panel to the right to edit. You can change the Template Name (which is a required field). You can also replace the file. There will be a pink Remove Template button (this can also be done by clicking on the X for the template). If clicked on, a pop up box will appear with the message “Users will not be able to use this template. All documents created based on this template will not be affected.” You will then have the option to Cancel or Remove. There is the option to Edit the document (which is great for adjusting one field), as well as Reconfigure. Reconfigure will remove all fields, allowing you to start from scratch with the same template. 

Interested in learning more? Check out the SPOTIO U: E-Contracts Walk-Through video and Sending E-Contracts article. 


What if I need to Edit an existing document?

You have the option to edit a contract template at any time; however, if that contract has been sent and is awaiting signature, you will need to cancel the contract. You can then make edits and resend the new, edited contract when complete. 

What file formats are supported?

PDF, Doc, and docx are the file formats that can be uploaded. 

Will the E-Contracts be time-stamped? 

E-Contracts will time-stamp in both SPOTIO and within the saved PDF.

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