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Sharing Digital Business Cards

Brandy Billiot
Brandy Billiot
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Digital Business Cards is an easy way for reps to quickly share their most up-to-date contact information seamlessly with customers. While DBCs are set up through the SPOTIO app, they can be shared internally and externally, conveniently through a text message, an email message, or a scannable QR code. 

How to Share a Digital Business Card

There are many different ways to share your digital business card, either internally with teammates or externally with prospective buyers or current customers. 

Sharing Cards (Internally)

Reps have the ability to make their personal digital business card shareable for other reps in the SPOTIO account. 

To share your card internally:

  1. Select Business Card.
  2. Tap on the card you wish to share. 
  3. Click the three dots at the top right of the page.
  4. Select Share with teammate.
  5. Select the rep(s) who you would like to have sharing access to your card.
  6. Click Save.


Pro Tip: This can be most helpful for setter-closer models, where certain reps book appointments for other reps in the company. Perfect opportunity to send the closer’s business card while the appointment is being set up!

Sharing Your Digital Business Card with a Record

Reps are able to share their Digital Business Card in a few ways:

Upon adding a new Record or revisiting an existing Record

  1. Tap on the home or business boundary in the map to initiate creating a record.
  2. Input any gathered customer information by hitting the Add Visit Details button. If you are wanting to send your Digital Business Card to the customer via text or email, then please ensure that you have the record's cell phone number or email address added. Click the Log Visit button at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Once your new record and recent visit result have been saved, tap the new lead pin to access the Lead Details page.
  4. A message will pop up at the bottom of the screen acknowledging your newly created lead: It will ask if you’d like to Share your Business Card. Click this link.
    • Your default Digital Business Card will appear on the mobile app screen. To change which card you want to send, you can click the arrow next to the card name.
    • While still on the Digital Business Card page, select how you would like to send the card to the lead by checking “phone” and/or “email address”, or toggling over to the QR code section, where your customer can use the camera on their phone to scan the code. Feel free to add a personalized message while on this page.

Screen Shot 2023-11-22 at 3.31.48 PM.png

You can also access the Share Business Card page from the Lead Details page by clicking the + sign at the bottom and selecting Share Business Card. This will take you into the Share Business Card page to share via text, email, and/or QR code.

Sharing with a customer directly from your Digital Business Card page 

  1. Click on the profile silhouette in the top left corner.
  2. Click on Business Cards.
  3. Tap the Business Card that you would like to share.
  4. Click the Share button at the bottom of the screen.
  5. Once at the Share Business Card page, click the arrow at the Lead section to select the lead who will be receiving your business card. Their provided information will automatically fill in once their name is selected.
  6. Select how you would like to send the card to the lead by checking “phone” and/or “email address”, or toggling over to the QR code section, where your customer can use the camera on their phone to scan the code. Feel free to add a personalized message while on this page.


Tip: Be sure to have your email integrated and SPOTIO number assigned to share via email/ text with records directly from the app. Send your contact information straight to the source instead of leaving a flyer or physical card tucked away in their mailbox or front door. 

Sharing a team member's Digital Business Card 

The Digital Business Card will first need to be shared with you by its owner. Once the Digital Business Card has been shared with you, it will appear in your list of Digital Business Cards. Using any of the previous sharing steps, you can then share this business card with any external contact/lead. 

Screen Shot 2023-11-22 at 2.26.53 PM.png

Adding your Digital Business card to a Template

Templates are a great way to manage common text & email communications with customers so that reps are always using the most effective outreach verbiage. You can add Digital Business Cards to both text or email templates. 

To add a Digital Business Card to a template:

  1. Login to the SPOTIO web app.
  2. Click the Templates icon on the left side.
  3. Select Create New Template (either email or text).
  4. In the body of the email/text, you can insert the Digital Business Card URL into the template by clicking the Insert Variable button on the right side of the template widget and selecting business_card.
  5. To make your template visible to all reps in the app, select the box next to “Active”
  6. Click the Save Template button.

Screen Shot 2023-11-22 at 3.10.43 PM.png

You can read more about creating templates, including adding Digital Business Cards variables, by reading the How to Manage MCC Templates knowledge base article.

Send your Digital Business Card through an Autoplay

Automate your networking process by adding a link to your Digital Business Card to an Autoplay! When combined, these two features strengthen your followup communication with prospects and customers by ensuring that your leads are automatically receiving your Business Card after an interaction.

Consider a scenario where you’ve knocked on a customer's door and they’re ready to set up an appointment with your company! Enroll them into an Appointment Setup Autoplay that automatically and immediately sends out your Digital Business card to the lead via text and email, while also setting you up for all the following steps (tasks and communications) that set you up for a successful future appointment.  

Adding your Digital Business Card to an Autoplay

  1. You’ll first want to create a template that includes a link to your Digital Business Card.
  2. Follow through the Autoplay setup process, using your DBC Text Template or Digital Business Card Email Template in the steps. When choosing an auto-email or auto-text step, your Digital Business Card template will be sent to the Lead automatically once they are enrolled in this specific Autoplay.

You can read more about adding a Digital Business Card to an autoplay by checking out the Autoplays: Creating and Managing Autoplays knowledge base article. 


How does the card appear when received?

Card is shared in URL form and can be displayed as an anchor text in SMS or email, or opened in a mobile browser on your phone

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