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Zach Read
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Have you ever needed to assign a task or activity to multiple records simultaneously? By creating bulk tasks in your SPOTIO account, you will be able to save time and be more efficient when it comes to logging your sales activity.


This new feature enhances flexibility, efficiency, and will provide deeper insight into your sales activity. This is a way to further optimize your sales processes, ensuring that no opportunity is missed and nothing falls through the cracks.


How to Create Bulk Tasks

  1. First, make sure you have created tasks in the activities section of your account. To learn more about how to do this, visit our Custom Tasks and Events Knowledge Base article
  2. Next, Navigate to the map or list view in SPOTIO, using the lasso tool, select the records you would like to bulk assign a task for, then select New Activity.
  3. A pop up window in the middle of your screen will prompt you to select a Due Date for these tasks, along with the option to select which type of Task to assign for yourself or other users.





4. Select the create option to assign these tasks to each record selected. Those tasks will show on the user’s calendar for the due date selected. You can view these tasks on the web or mobile calendar in your account.

Screenshot 2024-01-15 at 5.46.15 PM.png




1. Who can bulk add tasks?

Any user can bulk create tasks for records.

2. Can I create tasks on the SPOTIO mobile app?

Yes. Using the same method described above, you are able to create tasks on the mobile app as well as the web app. 


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