Creating Custom Statuses


How to create custom Spotio statuses

Spotio utilizes custom status names and colors that allow you to use the lingo you’re already using to track your door knocking activity.  In order to create custom statuses you have to log into the web app (, as this feature is web app specific.

Here is a quick video that will walk you through how to create your statuses: 



Examples of Statuses by Industry:


  • Has Solar - for homes that already have panels
  • Bad Roof - too steep or too much shading

Home Improvement:

  • New Roof - homes that already have a new roof
  • No Damage - for a roof that has been inspected and has no damage


  • Not Moved In - for new leads that haven't moved into the house yet


  • On route
  • Past Customer - so you can know to get them back

Real Estate:

  • Renter


  • Set Appointment - for a lead that has set a follow up appointment
  • Follow Up - for someone who is interested by hasn't set an appointment
  • Not Home "Hot" - when you can tell then need your service (needs a new roof, have old windows, roof is prime for solar, etc.)
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