Downloading the SPOTIO app for Android


How to Download the Spotio App

Spotio has built a native Android app that can be used on your Android device.  It is super simple to download directly to your devices via the Google Play store:


Registering for a Spotio Account

There are 2 ways to register for a SPOTIO account:

  1. On the website by clicking the "Start Free Trial" button
  2. From the iPhone app, and clicking register


On a Company Account?

If you were invited as a user to somebody else's SPOTIO account then you must first set a password by clicking on the link in the Invitation Email you were sent. Refer to Activating Your Login as a User solution for further instructions.

Now That you've downloaded Spotio for your Android device you can leave the pen and notepad at home! You will now be able to have Spotio On The GO, be able to save time by having all of your information on your Droid and not having to go through pages of notes to remember who was or wasnt home plus more important information!!

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