Adding a pin on iOS


2 Ways to add a PIN inside SPOTIO for iOS:

Tapping on Roof

When you log into your mobile account, depending on the map view that you have selected for your map, you will see either the outline of the house/building or the roof of the house/building that you are wanting to drop a pin on.  

Simply tap on the roof outline where you visited.  This will pull up the "New Pin" screen. For additional info, check out the quick 60 second tutorial below: 

+ Sign

In the event that you are out in the field and get a referral, SPOTIO does offer the ability to add pins manually into the system.  When you are using the manual pin add option, you click the + in the upper right of the app and then you will have to enter in all the information manually.

You will see a "find me" button, but we only recommend that you try to use the "find me" feature when you are working in offline mode. This is because if you don't have perfect signal or GPS accuracy it, will populate the address incorrectly or even give you a range of house numbers if it isn't sure where exactly you are.  

To see us walk you through the process of adding in a pin manually please watch the tutorial below: 

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