Appointments not showing up in your calendar? - Android


Spotio allows you to create appointment fields when you set up custom fields.  These appointments will be synced to the device's native calendar when an appointment is added on your Spotio for Mobile.

If you set an appointment and it isn't transferring to your phone calendar then this is the place to start.

When you create your first appointment in SPOTIO your phone will ask you permission to allow SPOTIO access to your calendar.

If you select "Yes" then you are good to go!

But, if you selected "No" then no appointments will be transferred to your calendar.  

Here's how to go in and change that:

For Android Devices: 






Make sure that the calendar switch is toggled on which grant's Spotio access to your devices calendar.

If you need a quick walk through video showing you how to find the calendar access, please watch this:


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