Territory Management On iOS


We hear from managers all the time that their canvassers/door knockers set out in search of the perfect neighborhood and waste hours driving around and therefore miss out on great opportunities and more knocking time by skipping the so called “imperfect” areas.

The SPOTIO Territory Management tool will help you focus their effort in the areas you choose so more time is spent in the field. 

Here’s some awesome how to guides we’ve published on territory management:

With SPOTIO's territory management tool, you can draw out territories all over your target market making them as big or as small as you would like, spanning entire zip codes to just a few streets in a neighborhood.

Check out the video below to make sure you are taking advantage of the territory management tools in Spotio!



Now that you've created your territories you can now get even get more information from specific areas while being able to save 1-3 hours per day by taking the place of printing maps and highlighting what areas you want certain reps to work. Imagine a world where your reps are working in the areas you would like them to and be able to have real time information about those areas!!!

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