How Much Data Does SPOTIO Consume? - Android


While we aren't able to provide an exact number due to everyone using SPOTIO uses it a bit differently. What we have learned from customers utilizing Spotio 6 days a week, 6 hours a day is that they typically use less than 1 GB of data in a 30 day time frame.

Within SPOTIO the map images, when zooming in and out, is the only thing that is consuming data. Also, when you add a in the pin details it transfers a small text file with the pin information.

With our Google Drive Integration, you are able to upload pin images and documents directly into your Spotio app. Doing this regularly is going to be heavier on the data consumption.

Something to know...

Android users can monitor their data usage. While every device is a bit different you can go through these steps to check how much data you are actually using when you are using SPOTIO. Check out your how to guide see your data consumption guide below:


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