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SPOTIO’s importing tool allows you to take an outside CSV file and import it into SPOTIO, so you can drop PINs into your account in bulk.  Our import process is made up of 4 steps:

Step 1:

You will need to pick a file to import from your computer.  Remember all import files need to be a .csv format. Once you select the file from your computer click Upload List to proceed to step 2.

Step 2:

Match all the columns from your CSV to matching SPOTIO fields. If you are importing a lot of additional data (customer since date, house information, project information, etc.) you will need to make sure that you have already created matching custom fields.

SPOTIO will automatically look at the headers you have in your CSV and try to match the column in the CSV to a SPOTIO field.  If it is matched automatically (ready to import) you will see a green outline around the column box.

If SPOTIO isn’t sure what the match that column too there will be a blue outline around the column data until you have selected a matching field inside SPOTIO.  Upon matching it up and telling SPOTIO where to put that information the outline will turn green.

If your CSV file has information that you don’t want to import you can always choose to ignore it which will gray out the column box and that information won’t be pulled when you complete the import process.

Once you have matched up all the fields and everything is either ignored or has a green outline then you can click next to proceed to step 3.

Step 3:

Once you have finished matching the fields to the columns you will be asked to review the information.  You will see it broken down over several page so you may wish to spot check everything to confirm it looks like it so matched up correctly.

You always have the option to remove one of the PIN addresses by click on the little red 'x' at the end (far right) of the address line.  That will delete it from the import list but NOT your CSV.

Once you have finished reviewing the addresses then you can click Complete Import to move to step 4

Step 4:

This is the last step letting you know that SPOTIO is now working on importing the PINs into your account.  You will receive an email when the import has finished.

Watch us complete an import in the video below:

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