How Much Data Does SPOTIO Consume?



How much data does SPOTIO use each month?


We aren't able to provide an exact number as everyone who uses SPOTIO uses it a bit differently.  What we have learned after talking with multiple customers that people who are using the app Monday - Saturday for 6 hours a day will typically use less then 1 GB of data in a month.

Inside SPOTIO the only thing that is consuming data are the map images we get supplied from Google.  The data is consumed when you are zooming in and out of the map and when you add in the pin details it transfers a small text file with the pin information.

With one of SPOTIO's latest feature releases, Google Drive Integration, you are now able to upload pin images and documents directly into your SPOTIO app using that feature. Doing this regularly is going to be heavier on the data consumption.

Did you know...

Apple allows you to monitor your data consumption?  While every device is a bit different you can go through these steps to check how much data you are actually using when you are using SPOTIO.  Check out your how to guide see your data consumption guide below:

Step 1:

To find you data consumption you will need to open up your main Apple Settings

Step 2:

When the settings page loads, you are going to want to locate "Cellular" from the main menu page

Step 3:

Once the Cellular page loads then you will initially see the overall Cellular data consumption for your device.  Keep in mind that the numbers populated on this page is only specifically for data consumption on your cellular network.  If you ever use SPOTIO when you are on a Wi-Fi connection that data consumed isn't going to be reflected on the Cellular data page.

Step 4:

Once you scroll down and find SPOTIO you will see a number in either KB/MB/GB shown under the name.  This is showing you just how much cellular data SPOTIO is consuming when you are in the field. 

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