Adding a user to your team - Android


SPOTIO is a great tool to use for your team.  Whether it is just you and one other person going door to door or a team of 100, having all your door knockers on the same SPOTIO account will be key.

By creating a company account you will give all your team members the ability to view and use SPOTIO to record their door knocking activities so there is never a team member left behind again.

Adding a user into SPOTIO is a very easy task to accomplish even from your android device in 4 little steps.

  1. When you are logged into the mobile app, click the home menu (three horizontal lines on the upper left)
  2. Tap on settings
  3. On the settings page, click Manage User on the top to be taken to the user managment section.
  4. Click the + to add a new user and get started filling out the form and click save

Let us show you how to add a user:

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