How much of my battery will SPOTIO use?



If I am out in the field all day using SPOTIO will I have any battery left or will I have to break mid day to recharge my phone?


Typically we find that Spotio doesn't consume large portions of your battery.  However if you are worried about it, there is a way to check and see which of your apps are consuming the most battery on your device. 

Apple tries to make it super simple for you to see how much of the battery each app is using on their devices.  Follow these quick steps to check out the battery usage:

Step 1:

Click into the main apple settings on your device:

Step 2:

When the settings page loads, scroll down to until you see "battery" in the menu list, click on battery:

Step 3:

When the battery consumption page loads, it defaults to the last 24 hours but you can switch between the last 24 hours and the average of the past 7 days.  It defaults to show you the percentage of the battery that each app consumes. Also you see the little clock icon, if you click that it will then pull up additional data to see how long the app was up on the screen and then how long it was busy running in the background. 


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