How to use SPOTIO's InApp Chat


How to Set Up Your Spotio In App Chat

Recently we released the ability to have chats between the users in your company directly inside the Spotio mobile app.  Our goal was to eliminate the need to send additional text messages, or utilize a third party application, to have direct communication with your reps when they are out in the field.  We did this by releasing an in app chat feature that you can use inside the the Android or iOS mobile App.  Inside the chat we have two different types of messages you can send:

Direct Message

This is similar to a one to one text message.  You are going to be asked to pick a specific user you want to have a conversation with and then you can send the messages that will appear in the main message screen in the future.

Group Message

Just like a group text this allows you to add multiple users or even all the users in your company.  In order to use our group message feature, you will first be asked to pick a picture to identify the group you are about to chat with.  Once you add a picture you will then be asked to name the chat.  After picking the picture and naming the chat group you will then be directed to pick which users you are going to want to chat with. Select as many or as few of the team members you would like to chat with and then you can get started chatting.  

Once you have gotten the group created you will then see the group message in the main chat screen in the future.

Check out our quick walk through guide below:

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