Exporting a Report


We live in an evolving world of technology which seems to incorporate new and innovative ways of automating your business on an ongoing basis. Though exporting isn’t a new term for all, it’s a feature we get asked about quite a bit, the commonly used reasonings are:

  • To have a hard copy of leads and sales
  • Be able to store data to a computer or to a USB Drive.
  • To move data from Spotio to a CRM or an internal used system

Before we go any further, if you are not seeing the export button when you are looking at your report screen you will need to get with your account administrator, as your account is not set up with the ability to share or export reports.

First things first, you'll want to create a new report, remove any unnecessary report fields and add in your desired filters (if any). Once you've created a report of the data you're looking to have exported, than from your category bar click on "Export". You will immediately receive a prompt to download and save the file, so you'll want to ensure you've enabled pop-ups.

Here’s a look on how you can export your data:

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