Verifying User Location


If you can already pinpoint where each of your users were when they dropped each PIN, then this next feature isn't for you.  If you currently don't know where your users were when they dropped each PIN then, SPOTIO's location verification feature is for you.  There may be many reasons you are needing to verify a location.

Here are a few scenarios where the location verification feature is a perfect solution:

  • You are using a flyer distribution service and want to verify that the flyers were dropped off at every location.
  • You are paying a flat rate “per door knocked” and want to verify that the door was actually knocked.
  • You want to verify that the reps are where they say they are.

SPOTIO will verify a PIN's location if the user's location was within 100 yards (or 300 feet) of the address of the PIN they dropped.  If they were inside that 100 yard radius then we will 'verify' the location.  If they weren't within 100 yards, the pin status will be un-verified.

When you pull up the pin details inside the SPOTIO web app you will see the history of each door knock, details such as who dropped the PIN, what time/date the knocked occurred, and whether or not the PIN was verified.

In addition to telling you that the PIN is verified or unverified, we will take it one step further and tell you the distance they were from the address of the PIN, and give you the option to pull up the pin on the map to show you where the device was in comparison to where the pin is.

In addition to seeing the verification when you are looking at the pin details, you can also see if a PIN's location was verified in a couple of other places:

  1. When you are on the map or list view, you can filter by if a pin was verified or unverified.
  2. When you run a report, you can add a report field for verified or unverified.

Take a peek at all the places you can see the verified pins:


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