Understand the Google Drive Integration Back End


When you connect your Google Drive account to SPOTIO, you will notice that a SPOTIO folder appears in your actual Google Drive account.  This is where SPOTIO stores the information and allows you to have centralized access to all the information inside the Google Account.

When you click into the SPOTIO folder in Google Drive you will see that it is going to have 2 sub folders:

  1. Company Docs
  2. Pin Docs & Images

These folders have matching areas inside SPOTIO’s Apps.  If you have added any company documents, you will be able to download them directly from Google as well.

The PIN Docs & Images section will be broken into many folders.  Each of these folders will correlate with the address that the PIN Doc’s & Images are tied too.  If your user adds pictures of the address/building/home to the PIN when they are working inside SPOTIO, you will see these inside this section. You can click on any of the address folders to see the pictures inside. 

Please note, SPOTIO will only create a folder for the address WHEN a picture is added for the first time. You won’t see a folder for each of the PINs that you have dropped in your account unless you add pictures or documents to each of those PINs.

IMPORTANT: To ensure your images are saved, you will have to first create the pin, once saved you can either view or edit the pin to upload your image.  

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