Creating Your Hierarchy (Sprint and Business Plans Only)


SPOTIO’s Sprint & Business Plans allow you to build out your company hierarchy so you can have your different managers have their team members report to them and then the managers can truly manage their users by having the ability to assign territories to them or add/edit/remove users who report to them.

The way that the Hierarchy works inside SPOTIO is that when you set up a manager on your team, you will check the box for “can manage users” under the user permission section.  When you check this box it will then allow you select that manager for future users to report too.

When you add a user under the fields where you add their First Name, Last Name and email address you will see a field for Reports To.  To the left of that field you will see a drop down list that has the name of all the managers you have created.

As you build out the hierarchy the managers will be able to see their team member’s activity when they log in to the web app and they will be able to add edit and inactivate the users on their team.

Let’s take a look at hierarchy example:

In this case you will see that Julie Alton is the account admin who set up the account and that she has Leilani Sales who reports directly to her as she is the office manager/partner and needs to be able to see everything inside the company account.

Leilani has 3 Managers that run different offices that report to her: Grady, Jodi & Terry.  Each of these 3 are managers as well and have team members under them who report to them. 

In Terry’s office, he has another manager under him that reports to him but that the actual canvassers report to. 

The most indented members are going to be the actual canvassers: Elyse, Paul, Brittney, Julie, Dallas & Zoe.  These 6 team members each report to their respective manager for their location.   

This is just one example of a hierarchy but you can make it work directly for your team with as many managers that you have.  SPOTIO’s hierarchy management solution gives you unlimited options for building out your team hierarchy.

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