Viewing Recent Data in Spotio


We understand that not every manager is sitting at a desk or by their phone to view PINs as they’re dropped, so we’ve made viewing recent data easily accessible within SPOTIO. The most commonly used features to view recent data is from the map view, list view or by creating a custom report.

  • The map: This will show your PINs on a map either on a normal map grid or satellite view. Since you are looking for recent data, the quick filters will allow you to easily narrow your PINs.
  • The list: This will give a spreadsheet view of your data which you can manipulate via the quick filters and by clicking on the gear icon to select the PIN details you want shown.  
  • Creating a report: This is a great way to get creative when digging into your business and you can make them as simple or complex as you'd like.

To learn different ways of utilizing the features we mentioned above check out this video:

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