Importing Errors & How to Fix Them


When importing, there are two areas that you may get an error within SPOTIO, so please check out the videos below depending on which step you are encountering an error.

Step 2 Errors

On Step 2 if you aren’t able to click on the “next” button to move onto Step 3, that is SPOTIO’s way of telling you that we don’t have all the necessary information.  Usually it is because of the address is not formatted correctly or is missing information.

Step 3 Errors

In Step 3, the common errors that we see are:

  • Duplicate PINs
  • Invalid Status
  • Invalid Assigned To

Check out how to fix these errors by watching the video below:

If after the file has imported you find that some of the PINs didn’t import into the correct location, that's because when it went through the geocoding process, Google wasn’t able to supply the longitude and latitude for the PIN. As a result, the pin was dropped at 0’ latitude, 0’ longitude  (which is off the coast of Africa.) 

If this happened to your PINs you can do one of two things:

  1. You can go through the process of manually moving the PIN on the web app by toggling the move PIN button on and then dragging the PIN in question to the correct location.
  2. If your entire list went to the incorrect location, then you can undo the import (CLICK HERE TO READ ABOUT HOW TO DO THAT) and then fix the CSV file and try again.

Please note that if you just update the address of the PIN that won’t cause the PIN itself to move.

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