Understanding SPOTIO's Monthly Import Limit


When SPOTIO processes the CSV file that you are importing, it takes the address that you have supplied and runs it through Google to geocode the address to get the longitude and latitude. This way SPOTIO knows exactly where to drop the PIN on the map.

Because of the Geocoding process Google has given us a limit on the number of addresses we can import and geocode in bulk.  This limit does not apply to the PINs that you drop when you are out in the field, this is specifically when for you are importing. 

Our current limitation is 10,000 PIN address imports a month per company.  This limitation is on a rolling month schedule so for example:

  • On June 10th at 3:30 pm you imported 2500 PINS
  • On June 20th at 9:00 am you imported 5000 PINs

Then you would have 2500 PINs left to be able to import until July 10th at 3:29 PM.  One July 10th at 3:30, the clock would reset and then you would open 2500 PINs available for importing.

The time is a rolling monthly (calendar month) basis from when you last imported. If you aren’t sure when that was then you can always check your Import History on the web app by going to settings > import data > import history.

Providing your own Geocoding

You can get around Google’s 10,000 limitation by providing the longitude and latitude on your list. If you include that on the import CSV and match those fields to the appropriate SPOTIO fields, then that list won’t count against your import limit.

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