Inactivating a user

We understand that turn over happens, even on the best teams. SPOTIO tries to make it very easy for you to immediately inactivate a user in the event that you have a user leave or have to let go of a team member.

How to:

When you are on our web app ( you can go into your settings panel on the left side, enter the users section, and open up user management.

Inactivating a user is a matter of 4 simple steps.

  1. Click the pencil icon at the end of the row of the name of the user you need to inactivate
  2. When the edit user pop up comes up, towards the bottom of the screen you will see a drop down menu that will say active. If you click the arrows next to active, you will see the “inactive” option.  Select “inactive” to move to the next step *Please note that all users being inactivated MUST have a phone number attached to them to complete the inactivation process* 
  3. The deactivation wizard pop up will now appear on your screen confirming that you want to move forward with inactivating your user. *Please note immediately upon completing these steps the user will be inactive and if they are currently logged into SPOTIO they will be booted out of the app* Confirm that you want to complete the inactivation by clicking continue.
  4. After confirming you want to inactivate the user you will prompted and asked whom you will like the pins reassigned to. You have 2 options – 1. Leave the pins assigned to the current user OR 2. Go ahead and transfer the PINs to a different user using the reassignment wizard.

Once you have completed those 4 steps then that user is now deactivated and your billing for them has instantly been stopped moving forward.


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