How to search for a PIN in SPOTIO(WEB APP)

Zach Read
Zach Read
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When you are using SPOTIO on the web app we know that it would be helpful to be able to search for a specific address that you are wanting to visit. Spotio has built several ways for you to successfully search for a PIN that is already existing inside your database. The main thing to note is that when you utilize the SPOTIO search feature you are only going to be able to search for an address that is already inside your account.  The search field WILL NOT take you to an address that doesn’t have a PIN already dropped there.  It doesn’t search like google. For a workaround on searching addresses that you don't have pinned click HERE. 

How to:

If a PIN already exists inside your account, then you can search for it either from the map or list view using the filter panel on the left side of the screen. Some of the things you can search for include:

  1. House Number
  2. Street Name
  3. City
  4. Full Address
  5. Name (first name, last name or whole name)
  6. Appointment date
  7. Phone Number
  8. Email Address
    *Any custom field you have added*




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