Setting Up Your Custom Fields


Setting Up Your Custom Fields

Every time you knock a door, we know there is certain information that you wish to capture that is specific to your business & industry.Creating custom fields is a web specific feature, it  can only be accomplished from a desktop or laptop. 

How to:

Log into the web app( Once logged into the account you will access Settings>Pin Settings>Fields. On the right side of the screen you will see custom fields, from here you will select "Add Custom Field". You will be given many options for the field type, choose the type that best describes the custom field that you are wanting to create. 


The ability to create custom fields are beneficial in multiple ways. You hold all the cards when it comes to customization. If you have a series of questions that you use to qualify your customers and you want to eliminate the usage of pin and paper all together.Our custom fields allow you to add those questions directly into the pin record. Easy! Create your survey within Spotio using our checkbox, multi-choice or even our single choice fields. You can customize every single thing about the fields including the language that displays, pretty awesome right? 


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